Inspired by the RACA project, we the Racaverse team dedicated ourselves to building an amazing BSC project with Gaming NFTs + Future Metaverse Integration.
At the same time, we reward you RACA tokens by simply holding the Racaverse token.
dev (3)


Developer team with great veterancy in the crypto space.

Raca Rewards

To empower you with unimaginable huge GAINS the moment RACA is listed on Binance. Simply hold Racaverse and get RACA tokens automatically.

2 in 1 Gem

Colossal profits when the Racaverse Market Cap roars to Pluto, the perfect company for those sweet RACA rewards.

Continuous Marketing

Massive daily marketing seeking the global exposure and adoption of the Racaverse project.

A World Built on Blockchain

The biggest ideas in tech often lurch into the lexicon before they are truly coherent. Jargon appears out of nowhere, underexplained and overused: the internet of things, the sharing economy, the cloud. In some rare cases, the terminology sticks.

A lot of people talk a lot about a lot of loosely related things, and then those things merge into a single semi-comprehensible thing. Then we live our lives within that thing forever. Remember hearing about “the internet”? Get ready for “the metaverse.”

A look under the hood

Buy and accumulate the most RacaMETA tokens you can to enjoy 20% in total RACA auto-rewards. Keep holding until RACA is listed on Binance to receive monstrous profits from both worlds, Racaverse and RACA.

14.9% Buy and sell Tax. Break down as follows:

  • 10% for RACA rewards
  • 1.9% Auto added to LP
  • 2% Burn
  • 2% Marketing and dev team

    Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion)
  • 3%

    In-code Max Wallet implementation to protect you from whale-play


    Initial Liquidity, swappable on PancakeSwap and immediatly locked before launch.

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